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Specialty Contact Lenses

Indications for Specialty Contacts

Specialty contact lenses may be warranted when these conditions affect your eyes:

  • Irregular astigmatism
  • Dry eyes
  • Post-corneal transplant
  • Keratoconus or other corneal disease
  • Myopia management

Happy Ortho-K Child

Irregular Astigmatism: Irregular astigmatism develops when the front curvatures of the eye do not fall within a typical pattern. It can cause blurred vision and

Dry Eyes: When eyes become excessively dry, it leads to irritation, burning, redness and blurred vision. In some cases, specialty contact lenses can protect the eye from the environment, lessening dry eye symptoms.

Post-corneal Transplant: After a corneal transplant, the resulting glasses prescription is often very complex due to highly irregular corneal curvatures. This can result in significantly blurred vision with glasses whereas specialty contact lenses can provide much clearer vision.

Keratoconus: This is a condition that causes highly irregularly curved corneas and can eventually result in severe, often painful, damage to the cornea. If the damage is severe enough to result in scarring of the cornea, a corneal transplant surgery may be necessary. Much like other instances of irregular corneal curvatures, specialty contacts can provide clearer, more comfortable vision for those patients suffering with keratoconus.

Myopia Management: Several advancements have been made over the years to better manage myopia, especially in children. One of those discoveries has been the benefit of specialty contact lenses, known as ortho-K lenses, to potentially slow down the progression of myopia beginning in children as young as six years old.

Solutions for Specialty Contact Lenses

Wearing contacts is not impossible if you suffer from one of the above conditions. You do need to meet with an eye care professional, however, and get properly fit into contact lenses that are tailored to manage your specific vision condition.

At EyeCare Associates of Salina, we proudly offer the latest in contact lens technology, including ZenLens, Synergeyes, Euclid, and many more! Call our office today to schedule an evaluation to see if specialty contacts could help you see more clearly!




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