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Our Services


We Offer a Complete Range of Family Vision and
Medical Eye Care Services to all Our Patients.

We pride ourselves on incorporating the latest technology to help better detect and manage many ocular diseases.

The Optomap retinal screening and optical coherence technology (OCT) allow us to easily uncover and manage countless retinal conditions, macular disease, as well as glaucoma. Our Diopsys electroretinography (ERG) testing allows us to better evaluate your retinal health and detect early, often unseen, disorders for at-risk patients and the visual evoked potential (VEP) tests offer information on many neurological disorders affecting the visual pathways. We are also proud to offer the Lipiflow for treatment and management of meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD), the leading factor in dry eye disease.


It has been suggested that up to 75% of patients present with dry eye disease, with the most common contributing factor being meibomian gland dysfunction (MGD).

We offer the Lipiflow treatment to patients—the gold standard and best available treatment for MGD. Our doctors are also knowledgeable regarding the complex nature of dry eye disease and can formulate and customize a treatment plan that fits you.


Cataracts continue to be one of the most common causes of visual impairment throughout the world.

At EyeCare Associates, our office incorporates the latest technology allowing us to monitor and track changes in cataract development and we work alongside your eye surgeon offering both pre- and post-operative care.


With the prevalence of patients with glaucoma rising, our doctors are trained to detect glaucoma at its earliest and can properly treat and manage the disease throughout your life.

In severe cases of glaucoma when therapeutic treatment is inadequate, we work alongside many glaucoma surgeons to further address your ocular health.


The number of people suffering from ARMD is projected to be upwards of 288 million by the year 2040. Our doctors are educated on every form and stage of ARMD and we offer the latest technology to better manage your care.

In severely progressive cases, we work alongside many retinal surgeons and even have them utilize our office almost weekly.


When standard contact lenses are not the best option, our doctors and staff are knowledgeable in fitting specialty contact lenses.

Often times, these may provide better vision and a higher quality of life for patients, especially those suffering from keratoconus and other corneal disorders.


Recent reports strongly acknowledge the increasing rate of myopia (nearsightedness) and some reports suggest nearly 50% of the world’s population will be myopic by the year 2050!

With myopia having an increased correlation with many ocular diseases later in life, the doctors at EyeCare Associates are able to utilize many of the new contact lenses and other techniques to properly manage and slow down the rate of progression in your child’s nearsightedness.